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Are LID security products easy to install?

Yes. On this site you will find images in sequence that represent the steps to complete each install.

Can LID products be reused?

Yes. LID security devices can be unlocked and disconnected from existing IT items, then reattached to new replacement equipment. Some schools and Uni’s have reused their PC “Lockit” cables and LCD “Noose” cables over two and three replacement cycles. This makes for very economical, high level security for IT gear.

Can LID supply products with Keyed Alike locks (i.e. all locks keyed the same)?


Can LID supply products with Keyed to Differ locks (i.e. all locks keyed differently to one another)?


Are Master Keys (for Keyed to Differ locks) available?

Yes. When quantities of keyed to differ locks are ordered a master key(s) can also be ordered for the ‘over-riding’ unlocking of any keyed to differ lock in that order.

Can LID products be modified or tailor made to a client’s specific need?

Yes, particularly for larger orders or for particular PC and Laptop layouts in class rooms, labs etc. Most cables can be cut to requested lengths. Daisy chaining of security cables can also be arranged.

Can quantity orders be re-ordered on the same initial Keyed Alike code(s)?

Yes. We keep a record of the KA code first issued to a client/institution. When that client re-orders, we send kits that are on that same initial KA code (unless requested otherwise).

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